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What is Planisware?

Planisware PPM
Planisware is a provider of cloud-based enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) software. Planisware Enterprise is its flagship product.

Planisware is a provider of cloud-based enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) software. They offer a suite of solutions designed to help organizations strategize, plan, and deliver projects and programs, ultimately transforming how they manage initiatives.

Planisware Products and Solutions

Project portfolio management

Prioritize projects based on strategic alignment, resource availability, and potential impact. Track progress and make informed decisions about resource allocation.

Program management

Manage complex programs involving multiple projects with interconnected goals and dependencies.

Product management

Manage the lifecycle of products from ideation to launch and beyond, including budgeting, resource allocation, and performance tracking.

Innovation management

Manage and track new product development initiatives from concept to market.

What is Planisware Enterprise?

Planisware Enterprise is the flagship product from Planisware, specifically designed for large enterprises with complex project portfolio management needs. It’s a comprehensive, integrated solution that brings together budgets, forecasts, schedules, resources, and actuals in a single platform.

Find out if Planisware or any other project solution is right for your organization. Download the PPM System requirements checklist.

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Planisware Enterprise Key Features and Capabilities

  • Scalability: Manages extensive portfolios containing thousands of projects and programs, ensuring stable performance even with intricate structures.
  • Flexibility: Adapts to diverse project management methodologies and integrates with existing systems.
  • Visibility and Control: Provides good dashboards and reports, enabling the monitoring of progress, identification of risks, and informed, data-driven decision-making.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Analyzes and prioritizes projects based on strategic alignment, financial impact, and resource availability.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Facilitates information sharing and teamwork across departments and stakeholders.
  • Resource Management: Helps the allocation of personnel, equipment, and budget across projects to prevent conflicts and maximize operational efficiency.

Planisware Enterprise Limitations

  • CBS Integration Challenge: Planisware lacks distinct structures for the CBS and WBS, requiring users to utilize the same structure for both (referred to as the Project Breakdown Structure or PBS for Planisware). This may pose difficulties for large, complex projects that demand varying levels of granularity for operations and financial considerations.
  • Customization Constraints: The limited flexibility in customization might impede seamless integration with existing workflows and processes. Tailoring Planisware to precisely match unique organizational needs could be challenging and resource-intensive.
  • Reporting Rigidity: Some users find the reporting features complex or lacking in granularity. Additional tools or expertise may be necessary for customized reporting and in-depth data analysis.
  • Cost and Complexity: Planisware could be considered too expensive and complex for certain organizations, posing potential challenges in terms of affordability and ease of implementation.

Planisware Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Planisware. You can find some in this article on the Best PPM solutions. Some of the PPM tools you may consider as better options to Planisware include:

  • Project Business Automation from Adeaca
  • Planview
  • Oracle Primavera
  • 4castplus

If you are considering Planisware, you should also consider Adeaca PBA, which is for enterprises looking for a stronger enterprise solution with even more project governance and a robust set of features around project execution. Project Business Automation (PBA) is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for project-driven organizations. As the first vertically integrated project business system, PBA offers a holistic approach to organizing your projects in an enterprise system.

Project Business Automation (PBA) is a comprehensive business system for project-driven organizations. Learn more: Download the PBA Quick Guide now.

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