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What is a WBS Element?

A WBS Element is a term used in SAP to refer to a collection of activities and costs in a work breakdown structure.

A WBS Element is a term used in SAP to refer to a collection of activities and costs in a work breakdown structure. There can be many WBS elements that can form a WBS hierarchy that are made up of different types of accounts in the ERP.

Why You Should Not Manage your WBS in SAP

SAP is not a project business system. As such, it has limitations around what it can do and the benefits it can bring your organization.

In the Diagram below, SAP runs your company financials. What runs your projects?

We don’t manage our customer relationships or company financials in spreadsheets anymore. Why should projects be any different?

When something matters to your business, you need a business system.

Just like SAP organizes your company’s finances, Project Business Automation (PBA) organizes your company’s projects.

Control and streamline all your project business processes throughout the project lifecycle in one system.

Is PBA right for you?

For many companies where projects are central to their business (such as AEC, energy, aerospace and defense, project manufacturing, biotech and pharma, and professional services), the project tools in SAP simply are not robust enough to manage their business. Even with WBS elements included, there are some crucial capabilities missing in these tools, such as a cost breakdown structure and the associated financial controls that a CBS gives you.

There are many factors when you need to manage projects like a business that SAP cannot provide. If you are expecting a completely integrated business system for your project business with SAP PPM, you may be disappointed.

Bring order to your project business

Project Business Automation (PBA) is the first vertically integrated business system for projects designed to provide the financial and operational tools, controls, and insight that you need. PBA is built from the ground up for the enterprise to reduce complexity and seamlessly connect all your project business processes in one system. This includes key WBS and CBS elements as well as many more business management capabilities.

Download the Project Business Automation Quick Guide

PBA connects to your SAP environment

Adeaca PBA easily integrates with SAP. PBA consolidates your project processes and data and then exchanges essential information with your SAP ERP. Learn more.

If you are seeking better project management for your enterprise using SAP, you should be looking for a Project Business Automation system.