You may have seen the first version of this eBook back in 2015. Microsoft has since updated it because the Cloud is growing at such an exponential rate that much has changed since then.

The questions around cloud have gone from “if” to “when” and “how.”

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In this edition, Microsoft includes best practices and guidance on how to get started, and which applications to consider first in your cloud migration (ERP, project management, project financials, PPM, office applications, etc.). And it isn’t just a technical exercise of migrating applications, the journey to the cloud includes major changes and benefits for the rest of the organization as well. The cloud can and should transform your business with greater scale, integration, and richer capabilities.

This book is a comprehensive guide based on real-world experiences from enterprise IT and seeks to answer a new question, “How can I use cloud computing to become a true partner to the business?” This our approach to Project Business at ADEACA. We use the cloud as a tool to standardize, integrate and systemize your processes and data, so you can become a more agile organization and finish more projects on time and within budget.

This extensive eBook covers all facets of the cloud for experts and novices alike, with chapters dedicated to understanding the different types of cloud, application models, and cloud journeys; all the way to planning and implementing a cloud transformation.

It goes beyond just the usual stuff, going from CapEx to OpEx, and reducing your datacenter footprint. It also tackles how to take maximum advantage of new cloud services like big data analytics, machine learning, and Internet of Things? What new skills and new roles are needed? How do you appropriately involve various business units in the decision-making process?

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Although it may seem daunting to migrate your project-based company systems to the cloud, it can and should be done. The longer you wait the harder it will be and the further ahead the competition will get. ADEACA is here to help you take full advantage of the cloud with Microsoft, with Project-Ready Solutions built for you.

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