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Managing Your Project Business in Real Time

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The new key to success for Project Business is to continuously monitor their entire portfolio in real time. These instant insights enable more proactive management so they can deliver their projects on time and on budget. To accomplish these goals, they a need a real-time approach to managing their enterprise operations. News Flash: The Real-Time Economy [...]

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The Key to Project Business Growth and Profitability

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If you are in a project industry, such as engineering and construction, ETO manufacturing, or professional services, you are a Project Business. Identifying as a Project Business will help you prioritize and optimize your business activities and investments properly. You'll be able to clearly understand how you should structure your business and what systems and solutions [...]

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What is Project Business?

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We are Project Business Experts at Adeaca. So, what do we mean by “Project Business" and how is that different than Project Management? The point of this article is to properly define Project Business as a category of business, and to demonstrate why it is an important concept to improve business results. Defining Project Business Project [...]

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Enterprise Cloud Strategy: Microsoft eBook

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You may have seen the first version of this eBook back in 2015. Microsoft has since updated it because the Cloud is growing at such an exponential rate that much has changed since then. The questions around cloud have gone from “if” to “when” and “how.” Download the eBook Now In this edition, Microsoft includes best [...]

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