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Optimize Resource Utilization Across Your Projects with a Third Generation Project Business Solution

For any company who considers projects a vital component of their business, optimizing resources across project portfolios, driving efficiency across multiple entities, and staffing projects for optimal performance and cost is key. Oftentimes, there can be multiple organizations with overlapping resource skills, all available at different times. Project-driven companies need a solution that increases resource utilization through greater visibility and accurate management of capacity against their demand.

Resource Management in a Generation 3 Project Business System

As part of Adeaca Project Business Automation, resource management in a third-generation system provides unique capabilities that go beyond other solutions on the market. Due to its integrated nature, resource management in Adeaca PBA enables project-driven companies to better manage resource capacity and utilization across their project portfolio.

Resource management in Adeaca PBA allows you to assign resources to tasks with the right skills, track progress and collect hours in real time, identify bottlenecks and conflicts early, plan resource capacity to meet future project demand, and ultimately ensure projects stay on schedule and within budget. In addition, it also provides project business governance to resource sharing between legal entities and between departments within a legal entity.

Problems Resource Management in Adeaca PBA Solves

Poor resource management and allocation results in a major disconnect between labor budgets and schedules. Without a central management system in place, it’s difficult to discover overloads and bottlenecks. Due to a lack of visibility, underutilization eats into profitability and lowers productivity of staff. Many companies can’t plan their project demand against their resource capacity, making resource misallocation inevitable. Ultimately, overloading resources leads to overtime, underutilization, and poor project performance due to delays caused by misallocation of resources. All this results in major financial problems including lost revenue and shrinking profit margins.

Benefits of Resource Management in Adeaca PBA

Adeaca PBA provides a central resource management portal where you can manage everything in one place including different attributes of your resources (skill, billing rates, geography, department, etc.) including labor and equipment. This portal can be used across the company when assigning resources to all projects. Adeaca PBA also enables you to see the availability of resources that are eligible for a task and assign accordingly. Capacity reservations and assignment notifications flow seamlessly between departments and legal entities.

Resource management in Adeaca PBA automatically integrates between labor budgets and schedules. Any changes that happen in the schedule are automatically translated back to the cost breakdown structure and EAC. It not only shows cost, but how long the task is going to take to complete.

Adeaca PBA provides real-time availability of resource data. This means resource demand, capacity, conflicts and utilization degrees are monitored in real time and visualized through Sensor Points, Power BI reports, and other dashboards.

To learn more about resource management in Adeaca PBA, download the Resource Management in Adeaca PBA Feature Brief.

Deliver Projects On Time and On Budget

Resource management in Adeaca PBA allows you to have better cost control by assigning the most efficient resource for the task and discovering costly bottlenecks early. It allows you predict your resource demand and manage your capacity to meet it. Any delays or disruptions are known immediately, so you can adjust deadlines, timeframes, and budget to guarantee your projects are delivered on time and on budget.