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What is SAP EPPM (Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management)?

SAP EPPM (Portfolio and Project Management) is the enterprise solution offering from SAP that supports the planning and execution of projects.

SAP EPPM includes SAP PPM and SAP PS.

SAP PPM is used to collectively manage and analyze for investment a portfolio of projects. In this sense, it is truly a traditional portfolio management tool.

SAP PS is the project execution tool that handles project management and scheduling.

Why SAP EPPM Doesn’t Work for Most Companies

While EPPM from SAP can be a useful tool for some companies, it has a significant issue – it is not a project business system. As such, it has limitations around what it can do and the benefits it can bring a project-centric organization.

For many companies where projects are central to their business EPPM tools simply are not robust and comprehensive enough to manage their business. There are some crucial capabilities missing in these tools, such as a cost breakdown structure and the associated financial controls that a CBS gives you.

If you are expecting a completely integrated business system for your project business with SAP EPPM, you may not get what you are seeking and will find yourself using an array of different applications as you do today.

Project Business Automation is more than EPPM

SAP EPPM is similar to Project Business Automation, trying to create an integrated business system for project-driven business. However, it does not go all the way there. The premise of PBA is to eliminate the silos of applications and data that Project Businesses typically use in favor of one platform that incorporates key Project Business functions, including:

Here are a few customers using PBA to run their project business.

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