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What is EcoSys?

EcoSys Software
EcoSys by Hexagon is a comprehensive Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) platform designed to provide control, efficiency, and profitability of projects.

EcoSys by Hexagon is a comprehensive Enterprise Project Performance (EPP) platform designed to provide control, efficiency, and profitability of projects. It goes beyond traditional project management by integrating capabilities across the entire project lifecycle, from planning and execution to control and reporting.

Is EcoSys Right for you?

Find out if EcoSys or any other project solution is right for your organization. Download the PBA System requirements checklist.

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EcoSys Key Features and Capabilities

  • Project Portfolio Management: Prioritize, plan, and manage a portfolio of projects with a clear view of resource allocation and potential risks.
  • Project Controls: Monitor project progress, track costs and budgets, and identify early warning signs of deviations.
  • Project Management: Facilitate collaboration, assign tasks, manage resources, and ensure efficient project execution.
  • Project Reporting & Analytics: Gain valuable insights through comprehensive reports, dashboards, and data visualizations.

Who Uses EcoSys?

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Companies: Manage large-scale projects with complex requirements and tight deadlines.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Organizations: Optimize production processes, improve quality control, and reduce costs.
  • Government Agencies and Public Institutions: Ensure efficient use of resources and timely delivery of public projects.
  • Professional Services Firms: Improve project delivery, track resource utilization, and enhance client satisfaction.

EcoSys Limitations

  • Integration challenges: Seamless integration with existing systems and databases can be a challenge, requiring additional effort and customization.
  • Data quality dependence: The effectiveness of EcoSys’s insights and reporting relies heavily on the quality and consistency of data within the platform. Maintaining data integrity can be a hurdle.
  • Learning curve: EcoSys offers extensive features, but learning to use them effectively can have a steep learning curve for users unfamiliar with EPP platforms.
  • Customization limitations: While customizable, EcoSys may not offer the same level of flexibility as some other enterprise systems designed for to be configurable and extendable.
  • Lack of Project Execution: Lacks some capabilities on core project management functions like planning, execution, cost control, and resource optimization.

EcoSys Alternatives

There are many alternatives to EcoSys. You can find some in this article on the Best PPM solutions. Some of the PPM or EPP tools you may consider as better options to EcoSys include:

If you are considering EcoSys, you should also consider Adeaca PBA, which, like EcoSys is for enterprises looking for a strong project business solution with even more project governance and a robust set of features around project execution. Project Business Automation (PBA) is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for project-driven organizations. As the first vertically integrated project business system, PBA offers a holistic approach to organizing your projects in an enterprise system.

Project Business Automation (PBA) is a comprehensive business system for project-driven organizations. Learn more: Download the PBA Quick Guide now.

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