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What are Project Sensor Points?

Sensor Points are real-time project health indicators or project performance indicators.

Think of Project Sensor Points as real-time project health indicators or project performance indicators (i.e. project management KPIs). Project Sensor Points are applied throughout a Project Business Automation system to draw attention to emerging trends and exceptional metrics. Project Sensor Points should come with pre-configured threshold values for instant deployment but can easily be tailored specifically to your business.

For example, a quick visit to the Adeaca Sensor Point dashboard will instantly tell a project manager how her projects are performing and if certain elements of the project require closer examination. Adeaca Sensor Points answer a wide range of questions such as:

  • Is the activity backlog growing?
  • Has the required staffing been done?
  • Are we likely to meet our deadlines?
  • Is the project maintaining acceptable profitability?
  • Are there any overdue issues?

Within PBA, Project Sensor Points are automatically computed via background processes so that up-to-date metrics are available to stakeholders at all times. Thus, Project Sensor Points present project status information without the need for manual data mining.

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