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Adeaca VP Featured in Forbes

Matt Mong, Vice President of Market Innovation at Adeaca was recently featured in a column on Forbes.com. The article is entitled 16 Best Tips For Crafting A Successful Growth Strategy Plan and discusses innovative ways to approach the market and grow your business.

Matt Mong of Adeaca featured in Forbes
Matt Mong Vice President of Market Innovation

In the article, Matt lends his expertise in category design. If your product is so innovative that it doesn’t fit neatly into the existing product labels, you may need to think about creating your own category. By doing this, you provide a context for your product in the mind of your customer. As a result, your product is better understood and is positioned as a solution to your customers’ pain points.

As an example, we invented Project Business Automation at Adeaca. However, when trying to compare Adeaca PBA to other existing solutions in the market such as ERP, PPM or project management applications, it becomes obvious that they are not in the same category. PBA brings all project-based business processes together into one system. It creates a comprehensive business system for companies who consider projects an important part of their business. No other category of solutions does this.

Therefore, Adeaca is positioning PBA as a new category in the market designed specifically to meet the needs of project-based companies. The reception has been outstanding. Forrester published a report on PBA, and companies everywhere are drawn to Adeaca because they can clearly see the benefits that such a solution provides.

To learn more about the PBA category, download the PBA Blueprint.