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Adeaca Introduces Project Supply Chain to Inform or Constrain Your Project Based on Real-Time Supply Chain Data

ATLANTA, GA, USA – February 21, 2022 – Adeaca Corp, today announced the availability of its Project Supply Chain solution. As part of Adeaca’s Project Business Automation (PBA) platform, Project Supply Chain enables supply chain information to inform or constrain your project based on any supply chain limitations or disruptions.

Key Takeaways


For the first time ever, project-driven companies can integrate their greater supply chain processes, creating project-driven materials requirements planning (MRP). Project Supply Chain makes it possible so that any demands for materials or production and supply chain disruptions are automatically captured in real time to inform the project. Constraints are instantly raised as they occur, adjustments can be made to the plan, and changes can be communicated to the vendor.

Use Cases:

Project MRP- When a project is created that has materials and/or production requirements, it automatically informs the procurement and production departments of the requirements and the need by date.

Supply Chain Constraint Management- Any supply chain constraints such as lead time, inventory limits, logistics, production and sourcing capacity, etc. automatically constrain the project schedule.

Supply Chain Disruption Management- When materials or production are delayed, those delays immediately inform the project schedule and notifies key stakeholders of the problem so they are better able to make any necessary adjustments moving forward.

Supply Chain Cost Awareness- Budgeted and actual costs from the procurement or production department are automatically applied to the project cost breakdown schedule.

Business Value:

Cost Control: Project Supply Chain ensures that all supply chain operations are in sync with Adeaca PBA, so you can inform or constrain your project based on the data. It will notify you of any potential disruptions, so you don’t incur additional costs through missed deadlines or penalties.

Improved Risk Readiness: Project Supply Chain ensures that any changes in terms of procurement, inventory, or capacity are immediately brought to the attention of the appropriate stakeholders to make the necessary adjustments to the project plan or take mitigating action. As a result, projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Improved Delivery: Project Supply Chain informs the project with critical data in real time, so you can keep your project schedule on track. With accurate and actionable supply chain data, more projects are delivered on time.

“Supply chain disruptions have a major impact on operational and financial workflows, which affects successful project delivery,” said Daniel Bévort, President and CEO of Adeaca. “Now construction and ETO manufacturing companies can operate with the efficiency and productivity as high-volume manufacturing with integrated, real-time supply chain data to inform your project.”

Adeaca PBA’s Project Supply Chain enables better, more informed project decisions based on integrated, real-time, and accurate data from your supply chain system.

Learn more about Project Supply Chain.

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