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Adeaca Introduces Project Breakdown Structure (PBS) to Transform the Way Large Projects are Managed and Executed

ATLANTA, GA, USA – December 8, 2020 – Adeaca, a company dedicated to the innovative advancement of project business, today announced the availability of its Project Breakdown Structure. As part of Adeaca’s Project Business Automation (PBA) platform, the Project Breakdown Structure is an innovative, revolutionary way of taking big, complex projects and making them significantly easier to manage.

Key Takeaways


For the first time ever, project-based companies can take large complex projects and break it down into more manageable, controllable embedded projects, while maintaining a single hierarchical structure. This enables the parallel and detailed management of project segments by different departments and individuals, while creating transparency and accountability across the entire project for greater control.

Use Cases:

  • Project Delegation– Breaking up a big project into smaller embedded project components makes it more manageable by creating distinct areas of responsibility
  • Accountability and Performance Tracking– Having the ability to track the budgets and performance of each unit to ensure all are operating profitably allows you to pinpoint problems faster and more accurately to control costs and risks.
  • Project Periodization– Breaking up the project phases into separate embedded projects creates clearer reporting for financial periods and better manageability through distinct areas of accountability.

Business Value:

  • Cost Control: Project-based companies can manage their budget at the detail required for optimal visibility while maintaining executive oversight, regardless of project size.
  • Improved Risk Readiness: Issues are identified faster, and mitigating action can be taken with more granular controls placed into the hands of managers and controllers at the appropriate level
  • Improved Delivery: Since project managers and task owners have complete control over their components while fitting into the overall structure of a large project, companies are guaranteed more projects delivered on time.

“For the past few decades, we haven’t seen any significant innovations that have transformed the way projects are managed and executed,” said Daniel Bévort, President and CEO of Adeaca. “That’s why we continue to see companies struggling with on time delivery and cost management. We created the Project Breakdown Structure as part of PBA to change that, and see it as the future of running large, complex projects.”

Adeaca PBA’s Project Breakdown Structure enables companies to efficiently manage the finances and operations of their big projects to maximize performance. As a result, visibility and insight is better, costs are lower, and projects get delivered as promised.

Learn more about the Adeaca Project Breakdown Structure.

About Adeaca

Adeaca is dedicated to creating ground-breaking innovations that drive project-driven industries forward. To that end, we invented Project Business Automation, providing an all-in-one business management solution for project-based companies.

Our solutions solve fundamental business management problems for project-centric organizations that have been ignored for decades. With PBA and its transformative innovations, companies in construction, engineering, engineer-to-order manufacturing, and professional services finally have a platform to reimagine how to run their entire business.