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Why Companies Choose Adeaca to Run Their Project Business


Project business is everywhere. And the ongoing shift toward projectization with almost every company dealing with projects to some extent, only proves the increasing importance of focusing on the business side of projects and managing them in a way that’s integrated with the rest of the business.

For over a decade, many mid-to-large companies of all different industries, have chosen Adeaca to run their complex projects from start to finish. While recognizing that projects are a vital component of their day-to-day activities, these companies understood that most business systems today were not built to solve their unique set of project business challenges.

Understanding the Problem with How Projects are Managed

Many companies often manage their projects in silos, with each department using their own applications to manage their operations. When a problem arises, they tend to adopt new tools and applications to fix that particular problem. As a result, over time they end up with 10 to 15 different point solutions to run their project business. The problem, however, is there’s no data integration between these applications, so companies end up using lots of spreadsheets to import and export data just to figure out what’s going on with their projects.

Using spreadsheets is not only cumbersome, but this manual process takes up resources including time and money and leads to higher risk and errors. Many companies have grown to a point where their tools won’t address their complex project needs.

Companies who have selected Adeaca to run their project business understand that project business is more than just project management, resource management, or cost management by themselves. They’ve understood that it’s about managing and integrating all project processes and business requirements. It’s about bringing project operations together with project financials and project portfolio analysis and seeing them together in one solution.

Adeaca Project Business Automation to Run Project Business

Companies with large, complex, and complicated projects have adopted Adeaca Project Business Automation (PBA) because it provides an integrated and continuously updated view of all core project business processes that are normally managed in disparate applications. Adeaca PBA is not a point solution or an application, but rather a business system that supports the entire project lifecycle from end-to-end in a completely integrated fashion.

Over the last 50 years, project business technology has evolved in distinct generations. Generation 0 was all about project process and the creation of the work breakdown structure. Over time, the need to digitize project planning and scheduling emerged, so productivity tools were created to manage the WBS in Generation 1. Eventually the emergence of project ERPs and vertical project solutions came about in Generation 2. Project ERP companies consolidated many different capabilities in one place through the acquisition of other companies with these various solutions. However, acquisition does not mean true integration, and many companies were still seeking different point solutions to fill the gap.

Adeaca PBA is a Generation 3 system that seamlessly combines all project business areas, including project financials, operations, and intelligence in a comprehensive business system. Companies who have projects that involve hundreds or even thousands of tasks have chosen Adeaca PBA to make their big, complex projects significantly easier to manage. While many project ERP companies claim to be integrated, it’s important to understand the way things are built makes a difference in how things work together. Adeaca PBA isn’t a system that was built by acquiring other vendors with different capabilities. Adeaca PBA reinvented these project capabilities from the ground up, designing everything to work together.

Companies who consider projects a core component of their business understand that projects should be at the core of their business system as well. Adeaca PBA puts projects front and center, regardless of complexity. Those who use Adeaca PBA to run their entire project have no need to implement other point solutions to meet their project needs

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