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Project Insight with Power BI Reporting and Visualization in a Generation 3 Project Business System

If you’re managing your project business in different systems, chances are you’re deploying a massive amount of resources to consolidate and integrate that data to provide meaningful, actionable information. This means a major increase in time and money to do this, or it simply doesn’t get done.

The manual integration required to gather data from multiple standalone project intelligence applications often results in misinformation and bad data. Visibility into the real-time status of projects at any level is impossible making it difficult to manage a wide range of KPIs across business regions and project portfolios. The lack of access to critical information at the right time means projects get delivered late and over budget.

When it comes to projects, it’s not what you know, but when you know it that matters. Senior management rarely have a way to recognize changing conditions and risks easily and instantly, making it difficult to take mitigating action.

Power BI Reporting in a Third-Generation Project Business System

Power BI Visualization in Adeaca Project Business Automation provides access to critical project information in real time and the ability to create customized reports instantly.

As part of Adeaca PBA, Project BI in a third-generation system provides unique capabilities that go beyond other solutions on the market. Due to its integrated nature, Power BI enables project-driven companies to visualize project KPIs within a single solution, providing holistic project intelligence in real time.

Adeaca PBA has a Power BI project management dashboard that visualizes data across a broad array of project metrics and KPIs. In addition to Power BI, Adeaca PBA has several native reports, dashboards and alerts, giving users real-time insight into the health of their projects, portfolios, and the business overall.

The Benefits of Power BI in Adeaca PBA

Power BI is part of how project insight is reported and visualized with Adeaca PBA. By flattening out complex data structures into simple tables, it’s extremely customizable to help create reports instantly. Knowing the status of all projects at all times is key to project success.

With Power BI in Adeaca PBA, project-based companies can define and develop reports and visualizations that accurately represent the status of projects at any level, enabling real-time visibility into project performance.

Project BI Visualization in Adeaca PBA allows you to:

  • Access flexible real-time project and portfolio analytics
  • Create and visualize project KPIs across both financial and operational areas
  • Easily identify potential problem areas at enterprise or portfolio level and identify the root cause

In addition, Power BI in Adeaca PBA reduces risk with real-time project insight capabilities. You can easily identify potential problem areas at enterprise or portfolio level and drill down into projects and planning structures to identify root causes. Since all metrics come from a single, integrated solution, they are all governed by enforceable best practices and backed by a full audit trail. This results in reliable and actionable KPIs.

Customize and Visualize How You Want to See the Data

Power BI in a third-generation project business system allows you to create and generate project reports instantly by pulling real-time project data from project financials and operations within PBA. Don’t waste time and resources trying to manually collect data from different solutions. Since there is no data translation or time-lapse between source transactions and visualization, all project intelligence is available in real time, allowing you to make better decisions based on accurate data, guaranteeing your projects delivered on time and on budget.

To learn more about Power BI Visualization in Adeaca Project Business Automation, download the feature brief.