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Manage Subcontracts in a Generation 3 Project Business System

Typical subcontracting processes lack the ability to manage a fluid scope of work. Subcontracting solutions today lack true integration between accounting and delivery operations, making managing multiple subcontracts not only time consuming, but risky as important issues can be overlooked.

Without a truly integrated project business system, it’s also difficult to keep track of required documentation like insurance details, certificates, waivers, etc. Subcontracting processes also tend to lack accessibility to real-time project data, leaving project managers in the dark about the status of their projects. Any changes to the schedule or budget should be known in real time.

In addition, subcontract management systems lack a tight change control and approval process. This means projects are often delivered late and over budget. When cost commitments and payments are not based on the currently approved schedule of values, there’s no accurate view of any financial implications on your projects.

Subcontracting in a Third-Generation Project Business System

Successful project-driven companies understand the importance of managing their subcontracts in one integrated business platform.

As part of Adeaca Project Business Automation, subcontracting in a third-generation project business system provides unique capabilities that go beyond other solutions on the market. Due to its integrated nature, subcontracting in Adeaca PBA enables project-driven companies to manage and control subcontracts by providing real-time integrated data between project operations, project financials, and project insight.

What is Subcontracting in Adeaca PBA

Subcontracting in Adeaca PBA provides a completely integrated business system for managing project operations and financials, while collaborating with your subcontractors.

More specifically, subcontracting in Adeaca PBA allows you to:

  • Make critical information available to multiple people, in multiple locations for a variety of reasons and uses
  • Manage project financials in real time so you can better forecast and manage resources between them
  • Collaborate with subcontractors and stay informed about the progress of all projects

The fact is, when multiple engagements are happening at the same time, there’s always a significant increase in paperwork and subcontractor oversight required. Subcontracting in Adeaca PBA helps you understand and control subcontracts by providing a seamless integration between all project business processes.

Collaborate with Subcontractors and Stay Informed on all Projects

Subcontracting in Adeaca PBA guarantees better cost control by ensuring that cost commitments and payments are always based on the currently approved schedule of values and that pending change orders are called out. This results in clear financial implications in your projects and rolling up into your portfolio. Since Adeaca PBA provides real-time, seamless integration between the accounting data and the deliver operations, project managers are alerted to any change orders immediately so the necessary adjustments can be made. Adeaca PBA not only provides change management capabilities but a framework to control submittals to ensure all documentation is received and project is delivered on time and on budget.

To learn more about subcontracting in Adeaca PBA, download the Subcontracting feature brief.