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What is Kantata?

Kantata PPM
Kantata is a cloud-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution specifically designed for agencies, professional services organizations, and consultants.

Kantata is a cloud-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution specifically designed for agencies, professional services organizations, and consultants. It helps these businesses optimize their project management, resource management, financial management, and client relationships.

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Kantata Key Features and Capabilities

Optimizing Resources: Professional services organizations benefit from real-time skills and availability tracking, coupled with advanced workload balancing for efficient resource utilization.

Financial Efficiency: Streamlining time and expense tracking, gaining insights into profitability, and utilizing flexible billing options enable professional services organizations to standardize and optimize project financial metrics.

Enhancing Collaboration: Teams stay updated on progress through project-specific activity feeds, facilitating seamless communication. Additionally, features like file sharing and document collaboration enhance collaborative efforts.

Kantata Limitations

Customization Constraints: Kantata provides flexibility in settings and workflows, but some users may perceive its customization options as limited compared to more enterprise-oriented solutions.

Reporting Granularity Limitations: While Kantata offers comprehensive reports and analytics, certain users may find the level of granularity inadequate for conducting in-depth analysis. This could pose challenges for organizations with complex project structures or specific data requirements.

Emphasis on Resource-Based Billing: Kantata’s billing features are primarily tailored for resource-based billing models, such as Time and Materials (T&M). Customers with more intricate billing models may encounter difficulties adapting to the system.

Governance Deficiency: The system lacks the establishment of robust process governance around projects, potentially affecting the overall management and control of project-related processes.

Absence of CBS Distinction: Kantata lacks a separate Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Users must utilize the WBS as the financial hierarchy, requiring budget control against all WBS line items.

Kantata Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Kantata. You can find some in this article on the Best PPM solutions. Some of the PPM or PSA tools you may consider as better options to Kantata include:

If you are considering Kantata, you should also consider Adeaca PBA, which is for enterprises looking for a stronger enterprise solution with even more project governance and a robust set of features around project execution. Project Business Automation (PBA) is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for project-driven organizations. As the first vertically integrated project business system, PBA offers a holistic approach to organizing your projects in an enterprise system.

Project Business Automation (PBA) is a comprehensive business system for project-driven organizations. Learn more: Download the PBA Quick Guide now.

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