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Workspaces elevate project insight to the next level

Improving visibility into project operational and financial performance has always been central to the ADEACA ONE solution. Managing projects includes an almost overwhelming array of moving parts and while proper business process control of each micro domain is vital it means very little unless stakeholders are presented with timely, accurate and role tailored intelligence. Historically the main drivers of project insight have been dashboards, sensor points and reports.

The workspace technology introduced with Dynamics 365 Operations provides an ideal platform to further enhance visibility across the enterprise to all project stakeholders from team members, controllers and planners to resource, project and portfolio managers.


Workspaces are designed around central business processes, micro functional domains and project stakeholder personas. The workspace consolidates metrics from multiple underlying operational forms and presents the user with real-time actionable data primarily via counter tiles, charts, KPIs and filtered list pages. Common tasks can be initiated directly from the workspace without navigating through a complex menu structure or manually identifying relevant records.

The counter tiles are especially useful for highlighting pending tasks and ensuring that critical action items are not overlooked. In the world of projects, users’ responsibility often spans multiple entities for instance a portfolio of projects, a department of resources or a group of vendors. The role and task tailored workspaces ensure that a stakeholder can get an instant overview of all metric related to for instance; the month-end process, change management, issue register, supply chain constraints and urgent planning notifications.


In short, the role tailored workspaces greatly improves visibility in project centric organizations. By proactively presenting relevant stakeholders with actionable intelligence the organization is better able to react to emerging problems preventing minor issues from snowballing into critical constraints, ultimately resulting in higher quality, timelier and more profitable projects.


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