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The Industrial Talk Podcast Covers Project Business Automation

Scott MacKenzie, host of The Industrial Talk Podcast, chats with Matt Mong, Adeaca’s VP of Market Innovation on the definition of project business, why projects continue to be behind schedule and over budget, and how Project Business Automation (PBA) is revolutionizing the way projects are delivered.

Regardless of the industry you are in, project business is applicable when projects matter to your business. The fact is, many companies who deliver projects externally to their customers or manage projects internally have been operating the same way for decades, each department using their own applications and tools to manage their operations. The problem is there’s no communication and data integration between these applications. What ends up happening is they start using tons of spreadsheets to import and export data to try and figure out what’s going on.  

It’s no surprise that projects are late and over budget.

Executives and continuous improvement personnel at these companies need to think differently. Projects should drive your operations and cost management. You need to think more holistically about your project business.

Project Business Automation is one possible answer to today’s status quo. PBA is a new category of software solutions that brings all the project business processes into one comprehensive system. The result is seamless integration of processes and information. For the first time, these companies have real-time visibility and control over their business.

Watch the interview with Matt Mong, VP of Market Innovation below. This podcast covers some key information about Project Business Automation, how it applies to manufacturing companies, and the benefits companies using PBA can expect.

Topics we cover:

  • What is a Project Business?
  • What is Project Business Automation?
  • What are the common problems of project-based companies?
  • Why are project businesses behind the curve?
  • Can capital projects be managed in PBA?
  • What are the change management components of PBA?
  • How to standardize project business processes?

Don’t let the silos run your business. Flip it around so that your business drives how you do things. If you are a project business, you need Project Business Automation.

Listen to The Industrial Talk Podcast to find out how PBA is changing the way project-based companies run their business.