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What the Real-Time Economy Means for Project-Based Companies

The new key to success for project-based companies is being able to continuously monitor their entire portfolio and react instantly when changes occur so they can deliver their projects on [...]

You should worry more about the information you pass on to your board!

As CEO you soon lose touch with the day-to-day workings of your company. Articulating and communicating a clear strategy; establishing the right structures and processes; selecting and managing the right [...]

Construction Companies Must Standardize Systems for Better Performance Management

Continuing our McKinsey & Co. blog series on how to build better megaprojects, I’m going to delve into another reason the construction industry often fails to bring projects in on [...]

The Importance of Self-Service BI for CEOs

As CEO, you’re constantly faced with having to make the tough decisions for your company. To make the best decisions, you need accurate, reliable and timely information. The problem is [...]

How to manage construction projects effectively: Better Communication Means Better Project Management for Construction Firms

In my last blog post, I explained that one of the reasons construction companies aren’t as productive as companies in other industries is poor organization and lack of real-time information. [...]

How to Avoid The Most Common CEO Mistakes When Selecting ERP

Choosing ERP software is likely one of the most important projects your company will take on, and, believe it or not, is a strategic move that should be led by [...]

Real-Time Information Sharing is Key to Productivity for Construction Companies

As I mentioned in my last post, there are a number of reasons construction companies are not as productive as companies in other sectors. In fact, construction projects often come [...]

ADEACA CORP recognized by Microsoft

ADEACA CORP is pleased to announce it has been awarded the Gold ERP Application Builder Competency by Microsoft Corporation. “As our Project ERP-solution ADEACA ONE is based on Microsoft’s powerful cloud [...]

How to Build Construction Megaprojects On Time and On Budget

I recently reread an article from McKinsey & Co. that I originally discovered last year that discusses productivity within the construction industry. The article posits that ever-larger capital projects are [...]