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KPMG Selects Adeaca Project Business Automation

KPMG AG Switzerland has selected Project Business Automation from Adeaca to bring operational and financial project management together in one fully integrated ERP system.

The KPMG network is one of the four largest international professional services networks in the world, along with Deloitte, PwC and Ernst & Young. KPMG offers audit, assurance, tax, consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance, and legal services.

Like the other Big 4 firms, the KPMG network has a global SAP strategy. However, each country organization is partner-owned and as such independent when it comes to selecting business applications.

This win is a major breakthrough and opens a huge opportunity for Adeaca within the professional services industry, which so far has been dominated by SAP. Initially, KPMG Switzerland, which has 1,700 employees, was using a home-grown Lotus Notes-based system to plan its projects and allocate its resources along with Oracle applications for financial management, invoicing and reporting.

The problem was that these two solutions weren’t integrated. This seriously hindered the firm’s productivity and profitability because business executives didn’t have real-time visibility into how the company’s projects were performing.

And not having real-time insight into its projects meant that KPMG Switzerland was making critical business decision using inaccurate, inconsistent and outdated data, putting the company at risk.

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KPMG Switzerland knew that it needed one fully integrated ERP system to support its core business processes. So, in October 2014 the company searched the market for an all-in-one real-time standard solution, deciding to focus on ADEACA ONE and SAP.

After a thorough evaluation process KPMG Switzerland concluded that the obvious choice –SAP – wouldn’t allow the company to realize its goal: the optimization of its business processes.

Adeaca PBA, on the other hand, supported KPMG Switzerland’s requirements more or less out of the box. Adeaca PBA is an alternative to generic ERP-systems for enterprises organizing their business activities in projects.

Project-driven enterprises, such as KPMG Switzerland, have turned to Adeaca PBA to obtain better visibility into their project portfolios and establish the foundation for timely decision making. Adeaca PBA supports all the business processes found in project-centric businesses – from quote to cash – within one single solution.

Choosing Adeaca PBA will let KPMG Switzerland effectively manage and control its client engagements and all related processes while also giving decision makers the necessary real-time insight into the company’s business performance. This means KPMG Switzerland can operate more efficiently, make more timely and informed business decisions, reduce risks and increase profitability.

Adeaca PBA enables KPMG Switzerland to

  • Manage all critical business processes in a single integrated solution.
  • Eliminate reliance on point solutions and error prone data translation between business applications.
  • Standardize and improve process coordination across the enterprise.
  • Achieve real-time visibility into project performance for timely and informed decision making.

KPMG is set to go live with Adeaca PBA in July 2017.


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