ICM Project ERP

ICM cuts ERP costs by more than $400,000 while streamlining enterprise project management with ADEACA.

ICM makes ethanol production more efficient for manufacturers around the world. ICM, Inc. also improves efficiencies across the entire biofuels spectrum by pioneering technology for power plants and grain-processing facilities.

Real-time project status made possible by ADEACA has revolutionized their process and increased efficiency across the company. Watch the video to learn more.

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ADEACA is a specialized Microsoft industry partner, focused primarily on the research and development of new business processes and ERP software for project-based companies. ADEACA is Microsoft’s go-to partner for project-driven industries, fulfilling Microsoft’s mission to digitally transform businesses by reinventing productivity and business processes for these companies.

Representing Microsoft in project-centric industries, we reconstruct and refine Microsoft’s products and services to empower and enable businesses to adopt lean management practices and operate in real time.

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