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Engineering & construction firms act quickly, build rapidly and react on the fly to change. Generic ERP-systems often outdated information won’t do the job. Only ADEACA ONE works in real-time, enabling decision makers to manage scope, schedule and budget, while making critical information available to project teams, project owners, subcontractors—multiple people, in multiple locations.


To succeed, engineering and construction firms must stay ahead of increasing competition and keep up with ever-changing regulatory requirements. That means they must implement a construction project management solution that keeps pace with these challenges. Engineering and construction companies need AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) software to help them stand apart from their competitors, improve operations, meet or exceed the market demand and increase profitability.

Engineering and construction firms also need fully integrated contractor accounting software to manage budgets, inventory, billing, time sheets and profitability for individual projects. These firms also need a complete view of project-related costs for materials, labor and service and the ability to compare the actual costs of a project with original and revised budgets.

With ADEACA ONE engineering and construction firms can effectively manage and control their client engagements and all the related processes as well as have the necessary real-time insights into the performance of their businesses. This means they can operate more efficiently, make timely and informed business decisions, reduce risks and become more profitable.

ADEACA ONE enables engineering and construction companies to effectively evaluate the profitability of projects in the sales phase and remain profitable through planning, design, and development. Using ADEACA ONE, construction and engineering firms can manage time, costs, resources, contracts, and changes in one solution as well as make this information available to multiple people, e.g., project teams, project owners and subcontractors, in various locations.


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