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Think Like a Project Business: Podcast

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What is Project Business and why is identifying as a Project Business critical to improving productivity and optimizing your business for success?

Adeaca’s VP of Engineering, Henrik Lerkenfeld, and VP of Communications, Matt Mong, chat with Cornelius Fichtner, host of The PM Podcast, about why recognizing your company as a Project Business is essential to setting the foundation for expansion, growth and profitability.

Let’s say you’re in construction, architecture, or engineering. How would you categorize your company? If you think about it, the construction, architecture, and engineering part of it is just about the type of projects they do. These companies are Project Businesses, or companies that deliver products or services for their customers through projects.

Unfortunately, while productivity has continued to increase in traditional sectors such as Retail, Distribution or Manufacturing, productivity in Project Business has remained relatively stagnant.

Although we can compare Project Business to traditional industries like Retail, Distribution or Manufacturing, there are several major characteristics unique to Project Business. Henrik and Matt take a deep dive into these characteristics and why identifying as a Project Business allows you to see how you can improve, structure your project business processes, and identify what solutions are possible.

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About the author

Matt Mong

Matt is a Vice President for Adeaca and is on a mission to create the Project Business Automation category in the market. He is leads Adeaca's thought leadership in project business. He has significant experience in high-growth ventures, helping companies gain awareness and position themselves as leaders in their industry.