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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is Now Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is now part of Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is now part of Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Project-based companies seeking the capabilities of PSA are encouraged to look at Project Operations or alternatives such as Adeaca Project Business Automation.

Dynamics 365 Project Service AutomationLearn more about what PSA became:

Whitepaper on Dynamics 365 Project Operations.

What is Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation?

Project Service Automation (PSA) from Microsoft was an application to help organizations track, manage, and deliver project services. The application was intended to serve professional services companies from the initial sale all the way to invoicing.

Some of the capabilities it claimed to have include:

  • Plan projects, and create estimates and work schedules
  • Estimate and track project cost and revenue
  • Forecast resource requirements for projects in the pipeline
  • Track project progress and cost consumption
  • Manage quoting, pricing, and billing for projects
  • Assign and manage resources
  • Use reports and interactive dashboards to monitor key performance indicators for successful projects

However, as of now, PSA is not available to license from Microsoft.

What happened to D365 PSA?

D365 PSA is now part of D365 Project Operations. Project Operations combines the existing project management and accounting module inside Dynamics 365 Finance as well as Project Service Automation (PSA). Going forward, the project functionality that used to come native to Dynamics 365 Finance and PSA is now merged into a separate SKU available as Project Operations.

Does Microsoft Sell Project Service Automation anymore?

No. At this point, PSA has been incorporated into Dynamics 365 Project Operations. If you are seeking functionality that used to be contained in PSA, you now need to purchase Project Operations or find an alternative such as Project Business Automation from Adeaca.

What are the Capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Project Operations from Microsoft?

Most of the functionality previously contained in PSA and the D365 Finance project management and accounting module is now part of Project Operations. However, it depends what capabilities you need and how you deploy Project Operations.

For example, PSA was purely a CRM-based tool. Now some of that functionality resides in the ERP, Dynamics 365 Finance. Some capabilities are exactly the same, but some are different based on if you deploy with CRM, ERP or both. We have done an extensive analysis of Project Operations, what used to be D365 PSA in this whitepaper. Download it to learn exactly what you are getting with the new Project Operations in place of Project Service Automation.

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