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Whether you are seeking a new ERP, project management, project accounting, portfolio management, or project analytics software, Project Business Automation brings it all together and transforms your business.

One platform unifies your entire project business

PBA encompasses your entire project business and subsumes many familiar applications required for all project businesses. PBA eliminates the need to maintain these disparate applications and integrates their functionality into one system. Only with this approach can you achieve comprehensive project governance, real-time insight, and complete collaboration.


Project Management

Project Financials/ Accounting

Project Analytics

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

If you are a project-based company looking for any one of these applications, Project Business Automation can help you achieve your goals and much more. Disconnected people, processes and technology make it nearly impossible to improve project outcomes and business performance.

ERP Considerations

Microsoft and ADEACA are changing the ERP game in project industries.

For project-driven businesses, mainstream ERP remains little more than a financial application with a project ledger. If you are considering a new ERP, the only way to consolidate the interdependent processes that run your core business is through Project Business Automation built right inside your ERP.

PBA turns your ERP into a comprehensive project business system.

  • Systematize integrated processes - PBA provides a structure that organizes your entire business. With the right processes and real-time workflows embedded into one system, you can align your teams and equip management with reliable and timely information.
  • Address your entire project-based business - With PBA, the functions of ERP, operational project management, financial project management and project/portfolio analytics are facets of the same system, working together in concert.

This level of process alignment is highly complicated and time consuming to enforce and maintain in a siloed architecture and impossible to achieve in real time. Only Project Business Automation from Microsoft and ADEACA reformulates the ERP and makes it a strategic asset for project-driven companies.

Project Management

Project management is the core of a project business, yet the project management application typically resides in its own silo, separate from every other part of the business.

If you are seeking new or enhanced project management capabilities, Project Business Automation integrates those capabilities inside your ERP. This helps you achieve better process control and produce real-time status data across all projects.

  • Eliminate standalone project management applications and the overhead needed to manage them.
  • Integrate operations and finance so you can Report on the financial impact of schedule changes immediately
  • Integrate HR and projects so you can staff projects more efficiently and update statuses instantly
  • Leverage the project schedule to accurately build a labor budget, time-phase earned value estimates, and generate cash flow projections

Controlling Project Financials

Many times, the profitability of a project is not known until after it is complete. Shouldn’t a business be run on more than a guess?

Gain Financial Control Over Your Projects

Project Business Automation integrates project operations and financials so you can:

  • Generate financial reports & projections that always reflect the current operational plan
  • Evaluate cost-to-complete with real-time work estimates from the schedule
  • Instantly report on the financial impact of schedule changes

Project Analytics and CxO Insight

Companies can spend millions of dollars on applications and customizations that attempt to integrate data from multiple systems and applications. Most the time, these analytics suites end up as failures, reporting on limited and outdated data that is of little use for daily decision making.

When looking for a project analytics solution, there are two main considerations:

Real-time Insight

If the information you get from the system is outdated by the time it is compiled and reported, it does little good. Timely insight is critical to project performance and risk mitigation. In today’s fast-paced world, you need real-time information, for you and your customers.

Data Quality, Trust in Numbers

If the information does not cover all aspects of all projects, with the ability to drill down from high-level oversight to detailed issues, you are only getting part of the story. You need all of the information available to you in order to make best decisions for your business.

Project Business Automation Provides Real Time and Comprehensive Visibility

PBA integrates all project functions so the data generated from the system is both real-time and complete.

  • Instantly understand how your company is performing with transparent insight
  • Get real-time in-depth overview of project health based on more than 25 unique signals
  • Real-time project insight is for everyone: executives, controllers, planners, resource managers, and even customers

The Project Business Automation Blueprint

The Definitive Guide to a creating a comprehensive business system for project-driven processes

What you will learn:

  • The problem PBA solves and why it is needed
  • Core elements of PBA and how they work
  • How you can enhance PBA for your company
  • The business case for PBA
  • What PBA means for the future of Project Business

If you are in projects are critical to your business, you need this Blueprint.

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