The utilities industry is like no other. It requires that owners, engineers, specialty contractors and architects, collaborate and stay informed about the progress of their projects—all while meeting tightly-scrutinized budgets and timelines. Only Project ERP from ADEACA provides a 360-degree view of all projects, providing critical information to multiple people, in multiple locations for a variety of reasons and uses.


In today’s ever-changing economy, utilities are required to deal with any number of difficult issues, including aging infrastructure, ever-changing regulations, increasing customer expectations and escalating demand. Utility companies also have to identify and react to new opportunities faster than ever, streamline operations and improve efficiencies.

In addition, utilities must communicate with stakeholders, including owners, engineers, specialty contractors and architects, to enable them to stay informed about the progress of their projects.

Utility firms need a utility project management solution to help them reduce operational costs, bring new products and services to market and enhance customer service. Microsoft Dynamics utilities’ solution helps organizations manage energy supplies, optimize processes and operations, comply with regulatory changes and adapt to new technologies.

The ADEACA ONE project ERP solution improves asset reliability and sustainability, optimizes maintenance planning, enhances customer service and satisfaction and helps utilities increase revenue and become more profitable.

This single integrated solution offers an end-to-end view of all projects and provides important information to multiple people in multiple locations in real time. This gives decision-makers visibility into what’s going on inside the enterprise as well as greater control over all parts of the business.


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