Telecommunication is a volatile, exciting industry, but one in which customers (both corporate and consumer) readily jump ship looking for a better customer experience. Decision makers need real-time insights into project data and profitability—something disparate systems on multiple servers can’t provide. Only Project ERP from ADEACA offers the all-in-one-place insights this evolving industry needs.

The telecommunications industry is changing rapidly because of progressively complex technology, huge leaps in client demands and ever-increasing competition.

To be successful, companies in the telecommunications industry must keep pace with international rules, respond quickly to their clients’ demands, increase profitability, and provide state-of-the-art communication technology.

For those reasons telecommunications firms need an industry specific telecom ERP system that helps them increase profitability while streamlining business processes and enhancing customer service. Telecom industry software enables organizations to scale and diversify operations to meet continually changing regulatory, demand and economic drivers, all on a single integrated telecom project management platform.

Telecommunications business solutions enable firms in this industry to get real-time information on the time and expenses associated with each of their projects. They can also track time across teams, projects and individual employees to glean real-time information into the allocation of their resources and their profitability – something disparate multiple systems on multiple servers are unable to offer.

ADEACA ONE provides insight into an organization’s day-to-day business operations and overall profitability all in one integrated solution to enable decision-makers to focus on moving the company forward.


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