With the right processes built in, ADEACA ONE helps you achieve real-time project operations.


Companies whose primary business is the successful delivery of customer-facing contracts know how critical it is to be able to accurately plan those engagements while managing resources, subcontractors, risks, deadlines and related supply chain activities. A lack of real-time insight into your delivery operations will invariably result in increased risk and decreased profitability.

ADEACA ONE offers a unique and fundamentally different approach to managing project operations. Featuring a sophisticated planning engine, you need no longer rely on external project scheduling applications and can enjoy complete integration between backend ERP functions and your operational project management activities.

The project plan is the central entity against which a host of other operational activities are planned and managed such as; issue & deadline tracking, risks evaluation, staffing, capacity leveling and procurement/production schedules.

Key to operational excellence is scalable and predictable business processes. Unless you’re able to manage the process of getting from A to B you cannot accurately measure or appropriately react to the process output. In ADEACA ONE, all critical operational business processes are executed within a single solution with built-in process and audit control. This enables companies to control process flows throughout the enterprise, thereby establishing an enforceable and repeatable business model yielding reliable and actionable KPIs.

Project resourcing software


The all-encompassing architecture of ADEACA ONE means that information flow freely and instantly between inter-dependent processes. For example, changes to the project schedule will automatically filter through to the payment plan, procurement activities, capacity profiles, Estimate at Completion (EAC) and cashflow projections. This provides a degree of automation and visibility which is critical in today’s real-time economy but is denied project-driven enterprises by mainstream ERP solutions.


Project schedules

Featuring a sophisticated Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and based on scheduling principles known from best-of-breed scheduling solutions like Microsoft Project Server, ADEACA ONE handles every aspect of your project schedule.

Projects can be scheduled with or without capacity constraints (leveling or infinite) and project capacity plans may be based on detailed individual resource assignments or aggregated job function assignments (represented by roles). Likewise, machinery, tools, and equipment can be capacity managed at a detailed or aggregated level.

Projects are scheduled individually or in prioritized batch lists. You can also apply simulation models to facilitate what-if scenario testing. The rich Gantt chart combined with traffic light sensor points provide instant insight into project plans and potential problems.

project scheduling software

Risks, issues, and deadlines

Manage milestones and deadlines to ensure timely delivery and early notification when project plans slide. The issue management system combined with periodic milestone gateway reviews facilitates organized recording of project risks. Linkages between payment plans and supply chain activities to the WBS enable companies to align billing schedules and logistics with project plans and actual progress.

Seldom does one organization own all resources required to deliver a completed project, and this situation quickly compounds in a multi-project setting. In most enterprise settings, there can be multiple organizations with overlapping resource skills, all available at different times, and an efficient use of resources often eludes these larger organizations. ADEACA ONE brings all of that within a single pane of glass with proper connections among all resources and projects to simplify complex risk, issue and deadline assessment.

Project risks


Resources may be assigned to project work directly in the WBS (project manager) or via the resource dispatch board (resource managers). The resource dispatch board provides an easy overview of urgent resource requirements and allows resource managers the freedom to decide which and how many resources to assign based on availability and required skillsets while still maintaining the integrity of the project schedule as defined by the project planner.

With ADEACA ONE you can segregate resources and projects into resource departments and configure loan rules to determine which departments may utilize resources from other departments or legal entities.

The loan management dashboard provides resource managers an instant overview of active and pending loan requests as well as loan change requests. At times of resourcing, you can determine if the resource list should include inter-company and inter-department resources or not. When assigning loaned resources, capacity reservations and assignment notifications flow seamlessly between departments and legal entities.

Project staffing

In addition, the self-staffing framework enables project managers to publish unstaffed project work which can then be viewed and requested by individual resources.

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