Project Management Software is Obsolete

Elevate your perspective to consider your project business.

Project Business Automation reinvents project management. It integrates all essential construction project business functions into one system, with real-time intelligence and integrated workflows that give you unprecedented control over your business.

How would ADEACA PBA™ work for my particular industry? 

Use our Project Industry Navigator:

Build Onsite

Covers building or infrastructure construction that takes place on location for a client.

Traditional Onsite Project Industries:

  • Commercial/industrial construction
  • Specialty contractors
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • EPCI

Produce In-house

Encompasses engineered or configured to order products or R&D programs that take place in your facility.

Traditional In-house Project Industries:

  • Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing
  • Industrial Equipment & Machinery
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive R&D
  • Pharmaceuticals R&D
  • Shipbuilding

Knowledge Service

Encompasses companies providing expert/specialty services.

Traditional Knowledge Project Industries:

  • Professional Services
  • Architecture, Engineering & Environmental Services
  • Management Consulting
  • IT-Services