Bring Project Business Automation to your business through SAP

PBA takes care of your project business and fully integrates with your SAP ERP

SAP is great, just not for projects

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    Simplify and Connect Your Business Processes

    Through open API integration, Adeaca PBA connects directly to your SAP instance. Workloads are processed in the system that is designed best for them. Below is a high-level overview of the workloads and data passed between systems.


    Adeaca PBA Workloads

    • Project master data
    • Project budgeting
    • CBS management
    • WBS and schedule management
    • Risk and issue management
    • Resource and capacity management
    • Change management
    • Month-end/period close and project costing
    • Project timesheet management
    • Project invoicing
    • Project revenue recognition
    • Project and portfolio analytics
    • Project KPIs
    • Earned value

      Data Exchange

      PBA Data

      • Project IDs
      • CBS SIDs
      • WBS SIDs
      • Project accounting entries
      • Project invoices
      • Schedule “need by” dates

      SAP Data

      • Customer master data
      • Vendor master data
      • Project expenses
      • Purchase order data: dates, quantities, status
      • Production order data: dates, quantities, status
      • Inventory data and issues
      • Vendor invoices

      SAP Workloads

      • General ledger
      • Accounts receivable
      • Accounts payable
      • Expense management
      • Procurement
      • Production
      • Inventory
      • MRP

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