Introducing Lean ERP for Mining Specialty Contractors

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Project Financials, Operations and ERP unified into one solution

Are your projects ready for the Real-Time Economy? Real-time enterprise operations is not simply about speeding up information flow. It is also about being able to monitor your entire portfolio continuously and react instantly when conditions change.


In today’s highly competitive and ever-changing business environment, specialty contractors in the mining sector have to deal with any number of demanding construction project management challenges.

Because the industry is highly competitive, just one project will most likely attract bids from many contractors. To ensure profitability, specialty contractors must accurately bid on projects – as well as operate efficiently. If the actual material and labor costs are different from their estimates, specialty contractors could lose money.

The specialty contracting industry needs a lot of flexibility. Specialty contractors have to forecast every job accurately and they also have to ensure that the right people are in the right places at the right times. That means communications between all parties involved on every project have to be maintained, tracked and recorded.

Project Based

Specialty contractors in the mining industry have to pay close attention to these and other details that are associated with each of their projects. However, they can no longer rely on paper-based work orders to get the job done. Rather, their roles in larger projects demand better materials tracking and resource management.

The fact is that winning a job is just the beginning for a specialty contractor. Once the specialty contractor is awarded the contact, the real work starts. Although specialty contractors aren’t responsible for managing entire construction projects, they play a key role in ensuring projects are completed correctly, on time and on budget.

To succeed, specialty contractors have to meet the demands of their customers while cutting operating costs. Specialty contractors are project-driven organizations and that means they have to manage and integrate their business processes as well as manage their relationships with their business partners.


Traditionally, specialty contractors have managed their business processes with heterogeneous, disconnected tools – but that’s no longer good enough. To operate more efficiently and increase productivity, specialty contractors in the mining industry must implement scalable and flexible systems to enable them to manage the lifecycle of every project.

When it comes to specialty contracting, each one of a company’s customers is different with different projects, different timelines, different materials, different needs, and different expectations. Keeping track of each specific project, while still maintaining service records and billing data accurately is challenging. A project-based company must be able to manage each project effectively despite the fact that it is unique.

Specialty contractors in the mining sector need a system that will enable them to solve their project collaboration and communication problems. It’s nearly impossible for specialty contractors to address the multitude and magnitude of the challenges they are faced with without an integrated system.

Project ERP

Simply put, specialty contractors need a totally integrated Project ERP system designed for construction so they can efficiently manage their operations, manage risk, and remain competitive.

As the construction industry continues to increase the speed by which it operates and specialty contractors in the mining industry fight harder for each project, enterprise resource planning systems have become critical components for everyday business. Project ERP systems allow specialty contractors to make critical information available to multiple people, in multiple locations for a variety of reasons and uses.

More and more, contractors and owners are demanding access to real-time, mission-critical data so they can be sure their projects remain on time and on budget. To ensure they have access to this information, these general contractors and owners are turning to specialty contractors with Project ERP systems in place.


ADEACA’s Project ERP solution is a complete project management software solution that’s designed specifically to meet the needs of specialty contractors.

Project ERP from ADEACA helps companies in the specialty construction industry understand and control their contracts. It also provides a seamless integration between their accounting data and the delivery operations in the field.<br/ >
With ADEACA’s Project ERP solution, specialty contractors can:

  • Plan and manage resources to project requirements
  • Deliver and manage projects on time and on budget
  • Track materials and equipment
  • Manage operations and resources
  • Track the progress and profitability of a any project they’re working on
  • Enable close collaboration between their people, no matter where in the world they are based
  • Effectively manage time, costs, resources, and changes in a single solution

A one-size-fits-all ERP just doesn’t work for project-based businesses like specialty contractors in the mining sector. In fact, implementing a generic enterprise ERP system could even hinder productivity and profitability.

ADEACA’s Project ERP, on the other hand, can help specialty contractors effectively manage and deliver their projects, achieve better results and grow their businesses.
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