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Capital project contractors in the utilities industry face a number of risks that can have a negative effect on the delivery of their projects. These risks stem from a number of factors, some of which are outside the control of the contractor and can cause the scope, cost, and schedule of a project to change – and not in a good way.

In the capital project delivery industry, it’s critical for companies to have access to data in real time to keep their projects on track. Additionally, sharing that data with everyone on the team means they can all know where the budget of a project stands at all times.

In addition, if capital project contractors in the utilities sector don’t establish policy and procedures for project management, they could be faced with oversight of their projects that’s not consistent, questionable change orders, loss of public trust, audit results that are poor and they can potentially lose their funding.

Even if capital project owners have policies and processes in place, they often find it too difficult to enforce them. That’s because it’s also challenging to ensure internal and external project resources follow the established procedures.


Keeping incomplete and inaccurate information on their capital projects in their files, means stakeholders won’t be able to correctly oversee those projects. This happens when capital project contractors in the utilities industry store product data in multiple places, including internal or external servers as well as e-mail inboxes.

If the data isn’t accurate and reliable, capital projects can be delayed and go over budget. Project managers might have to delay their responses to stakeholder questions because they’re not sure of the validity of their information or they might have to wait to consolidate the data from myriad sources so they can analyze it.

For capital projects to be delivered on time, on budget, and within the predefined scope of the projects, accurate information must be available to help project stakeholders, including directors of construction, project managers, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, make informed decisions.

Capital project owners need software with project-planning capabilities that help simplify risk assessment and complex planning analysis so their companies can achieve higher financial returns. They need automated project management controls to enable them to keep their projects on time and on budget.

Unfortunately, most ERP packages are too limited or segmented in their functionality to allow true project lifecycle management to capital project contractors.

Project ERP

The solution is to integrate all these functions into one Project ERP system that will enable project-driven firms like capital project contractors to create business rules to enforce their critical processes. Project ERP not only helps capital project owners in the utilities industry streamline their workflows, it enables them to keep their clients up to date on their projects as well.

Product ERP provides capital project contractors with the most advanced and proven solution for enterprise information management, as well as equipment design, manufacturing and delivery.

When problems arise, Project ERP helps capital project contractors in the utilities sector rapidly respond to customer requests. Project ERP helps capital project owners better manage and execute their projects.

The premise of Project ERP is that accurate and timely information must flow seamlessly between the various business functions. That way decision-makers will not only have visibility into what’s going on inside the enterprise, they’ll also have greater control over all parts of the business.


By choosing ADEACA’s Project ERP solution to help manage day-to-day project operations, capital project contractors can meet their project goals and deadlines. With a true Project ERP system like the one offered by ADEACA, capital projects can:

  • Effectively evaluate the profitability of projects in the sales phase and maintain that profitability through planning, design, and development
  • Ensure high cost equipment and resources are utilized effectively across a portfolio of projects
  • Reduce margin variance and cost overruns by showing exactly which resources and equipment will be available prior to project start
  • Improve post-delivery service opportunities by coming in on time and on budget more often
  • Quickly respond to scope changes and other external delays, including the impact across their portfolios of projects
  • Provide a clear real time view of their utilization and profitability across their entire portfolio of projects and clients
  • Enable close collaboration between their people, no matter where in the world they are based
  • Effectively manage time, costs, resources, contracts, and changes in a single solution

Generic ERP just doesn’t work for project-based businesses like capital project contractors in the utilities industry. In fact, implementing an enterprise ERP system could even hinder productivity and profitability.

Project ERP software from ADEACA, on the other hand, will enable capital project contractors to effectively manage and control their client engagements and all related processes while at the same time provide the required insights into business performance. This means they can operate more efficiently, make timely and informed business decisions, reduce risks and increase profitability
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