Introducing Lean ERP for Industrial Manufacturing

First-in-class Lean ERP Solution for Industrial Manufacturing. Project Financials, Operations and ERP unified into one enterprise wide solution

ADEACA ONE on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Industrial Manufacturing Project Challenges

Industrial manufacturing firms are under increased pressure to streamline business operations. To stay ahead of their competitors they must meet mounting government regulations, manage risk and rapidly respond to constantly changing customer demands and evolving markets.

To achieve their manufacturing goals, industrial manufacturers need access to real-time information so they can accurately forecast customer demand and coordinate the flow of material and capacity to deliver their projects on time and on budget. They need an industrial manufacturing project management system that is flexible and agile to help them produce less waste, cut costs and sign on new clients.

An industrial manufacturing ERP system lets organizations track, measure, and monitor the business end-to-end, boosting efficiency by providing real-time visibility into plant and business operations for better financial planning and decision-making. Project manufacturing software helps companies handle inventory, manage production schedules and the lifecycles of their projects. It also allows a company’s employees to collaborate closely no matter where they are located.

ADEACA ONE allows companies in the industrial manufacturing sector to effectively manage time, costs, resources, contracts, and changes in a single solution.

Your Business is Projects

Whether you call them projects, engagements, or service contracts, industrial equipment manufacturing (IEM) or industrial material manufacturing is a project-based business. You are like the 20% of all companies that organize their business activities in projects. All project-driven companies suffer from the same fundamental problem – the separation of project operations and project finance.

Like most project companies you probably run your project management system and financial ERP separately. This separation causes delays in data delivery as well as inaccurate information, both of which lead to an incomplete picture and the inability to make real-time, data-driven decisions for your business.

Projects are the center of your business. You need a Unified Project Solution to run your enterprise.

Meet ADEACA ONE on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud

A platform for how project-driven companies should operate.

Adeaca One for Dynamics 365

Optimize your project financials and operations together. Make real-time, data-driven decisions for your company.

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