Introducing Lean ERP for Automotive Indutry

First-in-class Lean ERP Solution for Automotive Indutry. Project Financials, Operations and ERP unified into one enterprise wide solution

ADEACA ONE on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Automotive Project Challenges

Companies in the automotive industry are faced with increased pressure to operate more efficiently, improve the quality of their products and cut costs. And some automotive companies are under significant pressure because of regulatory requirements for reporting, tracking and real-time data capture. To successfully deliver projects on time automotive firms need access to up-to-the-minute information so they can manage quoting and product configuration and respond to customer questions and requests quickly. 

To improve operations, automotive firms need automotive industry software that offers them a 360-degree view of their customers and prospects. They need top-notch project management capabilities that is offered by automotive project management software. The right automotive business solution enables firms in the automotive sector to manage the entire sales process from customer lead generation and tracking sales opportunities to turning prospects into customers to placing orders. 

A project-driven automotive ERP system offers these companies complete visibility into their projects, enabling real-time control of the entire business, including project scope, cost and schedule. ADEACA ONE helps firms in the automotive industry manage day-to-day project operations so they can meet project goals and deadlines.

Your Business is Projects

Whether you call them projects, engagements, or service contracts, automotive manufacturing is a project-based business. You are like the 20% of all companies that organize their business activities in projects. All project-driven companies suffer from the same fundamental problem – the separation of project operations and project finance.

Like most project companies you probably run your project management system and financial ERP separately. This separation causes delays in data delivery as well as inaccurate information, both of which lead to an incomplete picture and the inability to make real-time, data-driven decisions for your business.

Projects are the center of your business. You need a Unified Project Solution to run your enterprise.

Meet ADEACA ONE on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud

A platform for how project-driven companies should operate.

Adeaca One for Dynamics 365

Optimize your project financials and operations together. Make real-time, data-driven decisions for your company.

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