Unified Project Solution for Public Sector

ADEACA ONE on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud - Project Operations and Financials unified into one solution

Are your projects ready for the Real-Time Economy? Real-time enterprise operations is not simply about speeding up information flow. It is also about being able to monitor your entire portfolio continuously and react instantly when conditions change.


Every day, companies in the public sector have to discover, evaluate and go after new business opportunities, comply with complex sets of regulations that pertain to government contracting and improve their profitability with better resource and project planning.

Doing business with government agencies is not an easy proposition. The documentation, audit and compliance requirements for a public sector contractor are significantly more complicated than those of traditional commercial companies. Nowhere else but in public sector contracts are margins and timelines so tightly scrutinized.

Keeping up with these ever-changing regulations and remaining compliant can be daunting. To succeed in this sector, companies need a public ERP system to manage compliance and gain control of all the information about their projects so all their stakeholders can collaborate and stay up to date about how their projects are progressing.

Public sector contractors need a public project management solution that handles time-consuming tasks such as cost accounting, revenue tracking, and profit reporting. Government business solutions give firms access to data in real time to keep their projects on track.

A generic ERP system and project software isn’t enough to get the job done. Rather, public sector firms need one integrated government project contract management system like ADEACA ONE that provides project managers with reliable, accurate data in real time so they can keep their projects on time and on budget.
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