Professional Service Automation (PSA)

Unifying project operations and financials for professional services into one solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Professional Service Automation Software

If you are looking for professional service automation (PSA), sometimes called project service automation software, carefully consider what you need first. Many solutions promise a PSA solution that is an ERP for your professional services business. However, these rudimentary systems fall woefully short of true professional service automation or an ERP.

These simple project solutions lack project financials and sophisticated project management in one, leaving the customer with process gaps and missing intelligence that has to be managed through standalone applications and cumbersome integrations. If you find a PSA product that is simply an add-on to your CRM or ERP, be very wary of what you are getting. To truly merge ERP and PSA, you need something more robust.

ADEACA ONE for Professional Service Automation

More than just project planning, resource management, time and expense tracking, or project billing, ADEACA ONE takes a holistic approach to your services business, completely redefining PSA. ADEACA ONE takes your client engagements and puts them at the center of your ERP. You manage every service contract, from proposal through financial reporting in one system.

By merging project operations and financials into one solution, ADEACA has optimized project life cycle processes so you can automate more, get real-time insights into your entire portfolio, and finish more projects on time and on budget. Unify your professional services company with ADEACA ONE.

Read how KPMG did it further down.

Meet ADEACA ONE on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud

A platform for how project-driven companies should operate.

Adeaca One for Dynamics 365

Optimize your project financials and operations together. Make real-time, data-driven decisions for your company.

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Learn How KPMG AG Did It

KPMG Case Study

KPMG needed a solution to manage internal and external project requirements from various industries. It lacked real-time insight into project performance, which put the company at risk. It searched the market for one integrated solution that could deliver financial, human resource and project management together. After thorough evaluations, it chose ADEACA. 

Download the case study now to learn why & how: 

  • SAP would not allow KPMG to reach is goals of process optimization and consolidation
  • ADEACA supports all the business processes found in KPMG’s project-centric businesses – from quote to cash – within one single solution
  • KPMG standardized and improved process coordination to achieve real-time visibility into project performance

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