ADEACA created the software product category known as Project Business Automation. Our message to the media is that we are here to change the status quo of disparate systems and delayed insight for project industries across the globe.

Project-based companies have been running their businesses the same way for decades with no significant progress in automation and productivity, while other industries have soared ahead. Project Business Automation defines a new category of software systems that fundamentally changes how project-driven companies operate, making real-time insight and proactive business management everyday capabilities.

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ADEACA’s Story

We aim to disrupt the status quo in project industries. ADEACA is the creator of Project Business Automation (PBA), a SaaS solution that integrates and automates project business processes in the cloud, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX ERP platforms. PBA provides the ability to manage a project-based business in real-time in one system.

Forging a new way

With Project Business Automation, ADEACA is changing how project business gets done. We take companies from a disparate and cumbersome collection of manual processes and business applications to a unified, holistic approach to their business. We take a revolutionary look at the project business and enable entirely new capabilities that drive substantial improvements in efficiency, visibility, and control that ultimately lead to better project outcomes.


Project Business Automation: A New Category of Systems for Project-Based Industries

Project Business Automation (PBA) defines a new software category that integrates the fragmented project application landscape into one system, allowing information to flow freely throughout the enterprise, which means radically better and timelier insight and business management capabilities.

Real-time insight, lower risk, better outcomes


Key Market Segments for ADEACA PBA


100-3000 Employees

Engineering &



We serve mid-market companies that deliver goods and services to customers through projects.

They operate in project-driven industries such as Architecture, Engineering & Construction, ETO Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

Project-based companies with roughly 100 to 3000 employees stand to gain significant advantages with Project Business Automation. 


The Impact of Project Business Automation

Project Industries

Project industries represent nearly 1/3rd of all companies. Our aim, with project business automation, is to transform how every single business in these sectors operate and rethink how they view technology. PBA is a fundamental shift in in how these companies approach systems to aid in project governance, analysis and collaboration.

Project Technologies

Project Management software has been around for a long time, with major advancements and optimizations occurring regularly. Other technologies such as Project Accounting, Business Intelligence and Project Portfolio Management tools have been added to the mix, creating a large pool of applications that project companies use to conduct their business.

Project Business Automation aims to replace all of these with a single system, bringing the core of project business into an integrated solution. Displacing these applications will disrupt many of the established companies offering them and the customers using them. As a result, we believe we will see a shift away from the disparate landscape of project applications to an integrated whole, represented by PBA.

The Greater Impact

Since project companies complete projects for owners in other industries, and those project are many times integral to their success, project industries have an impact far beyond their own industries. The aim of PBA is to transform how project companies operate so they can produce better project outcomes for the project owners. Consequently, PBA’s impact will reverberate throughout all industries.


Our Partnership with Microsoft

As ADEACA's founder played a key role in the development of what is now Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, ADEACA is in an elite class of Microsoft Partners. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is the ERP foundation on which ADEACA PBA is built. As such, ADEACA is an exclusive partner with Microsoft, as part of a group of 20 “One Version” engineering partners for the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations platform. This group delivers seamless integrated and supported industry solutions to customers around the world. One Version partner solutions are tested by Microsoft before any D365FO release, to ensure overall quality, performance and continuity for customers.


Customer Base

By Industry

By Size

Notable Customers

ADEACA PBA™ - Success Stories

Leaders in Project Industries choose Project Business Automation. Read their stories here.

Northrop Grumman needed to streamline its project processes in its international subsidiaries while ensuring accurate and timely data flow to US management.

APi Group, a specialty contractor construction firm, uses ADEACA to standardize business processes across its portfolio of subsidiaries, providing real-time insights to executives to help make better, more timely decisions.


Corporate History

Founding & Overview

ADEACA was founded in 2007 with a mission to bring real-time insight and business management to project-based companies. Since that time, ADEACA has acquired customers from all over the world, elevating its user base to more than 15,000. With a relentless focus on providing the right solution, ADEACA has worked closely with its customers for the last 12 years to develop Project Business Automation and ensure it successfully fills their needs.

Product Timeline

2007 – Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX v1 released
2008 – Project Sensor Points and EVA released
2009 – Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX v2 released
2012 – Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX v3 released
2013 – Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX v4 released
2013 – Portfolio Analytics & Subcontract Management released
2014 – Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX v5 released
2016 – ADEACA Project Business Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 released
2017 – Enterprise Performance Index released
2018 – Embedded Power BI and Customer Portal released
2019 – One Version aka. “Evergreen” Dynamics 365FO of ADEACA PBA released


Key Personnel

Daniel Bévort
Founder & CEO

Prior to founding ADEACA, Daniel was a principal architect of Axapta at Damgaard Data, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2002 for $1.6B and became Microsoft’s ERP offering, now called Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. Daniel recognized that every traditional industry has systems to integrate and control all their business processes, but that is not the case for project-based industries. ADEACA was founded to accomplish that same vision for these neglected industries and find a way to run project business with real-time information and much better control.

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Matt Mong
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Company Spokesperson

Prior to joining ADEACA, Matt forged a track record of building and leading effective marketing efforts at other tech companies, including firms where he helped increase value and position companies for a successful exit. He builds and organizes ADEACA’s marketing efforts, shaping the programs and messaging from scratch.

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Henrik Lerkenfeld
Vice President, Engineering

Henrik has deep roots in Microsoft Dynamics, having been part of the original Axapta team and Microsoft’s team after it was acquired. His knowledge of project industries and his systematic process design approach is a crucial component of ADEACA’s product success.

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Greg Abbott
Vice President, Sales & Customer Relations

Greg leads all business development for ADEACA. With a track record of over 20 years in project-based solution selling, Greg knows how to deliver value to ADEACA’s customers. Prior to ADEACA, Greg led sales efforts for the Primavera set of solutions, both prior to and after its acquisition by Oracle.

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