Project Business Automation Decision Guide

Where are you in the process?

Project Business Automation, ERP, Project Management, are all significant systems that require a deliberate decision process with a comprehensive approach. We want to help provide you with the information you need for where your company is in decision-making process. Please indicate one of the five stages below.


Early Stage

Doing preliminary research to get a basic understanding of what is out there. We may or may not have an approved project with a budget. Looking to create an initial list of possible solution candidates.


Long List

We are creating an initial list of possible solution candidates and we are doing some more formalized information gathering based on our initial business requirements. We may issue an RFI.


Short List

We are creating a short list of possible vendors and are undergoing a thorough evaluation. We have business and functional requirements for our solution. We may issue an RFP.


Final Assessment

We have our preferred vendor and second alternative selected. We are finalizing pricing, placing reference calls and may conduct a POC soon, but we are concerned we may not have the right solution.


Seeking Alternatives

We made a selection and are beginning implementation, but we are having problems and are entertaining alternative solutions that may better fit our needs and timeline.