In energy, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning must work as one to stay on schedule and on budget. Generic ERP and project systems can’t provide the real-time flow of information between these disciplines so that risk can be managed dynamically as a project moves forward. Only ADEACA ONE can provide such level of collaboration and insight.


Every day, companies in the energy industry, including oil and gas firms, must manage complex projects, control their processes, cut costs, meet regulatory requirements, and respond to numerous challenges. They also have to manage complex business relationships and opportunities as well as projects and resources. These companies need energy project management software that enables them to gain better visibility into their risks, address market pressures and develop strategies for success.

Organizations in the energy sector also have to onboard and develop new employees; track productivity and profitability; manage project accounting and ensure accurate billing; and have the ability to manage their financial performance in real time. Oil and gas accounting software can help energy companies provide a clear, real-time view of their profitability across their entire portfolio of projects and clients.

With an energy ERP system, energy firms can quickly and efficiently manage the costs of their projects so they can deliver cost-effective bids and develop forecasts more confidently. An energy business solution like ADEACA ONE can give enterprises real-time insight into their project data so they can improve their reporting as well as their communications with clients. ADEACA ONE enables companies in the energy sector to manage their complex projects so they can stay one step ahead of their competition.


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