The Real-Time Economy is the macro-trend in which business processes and value chains are becoming entirely digitized and connected so that data dissemination and business decisions are occurring closer and closer to real time. 

This shift into the Real-Time Economy is nothing new. But while most industries have been adapting to it for a while, project-based businesses, like construction, industrial manufacturing, and professional services, have not. The Real-Time Economy is now coming to projects too, in the form of a new consumer mindset that tends toward simplicity, demanding hard and fast deadlines, instant updates, and transparent access. In the mind of the customer, projects should be highly predictable, low risk transactions, just like everything else.

Download this eBook to learn about the drivers behind the Real-Time Economy and why project-based businesses must be the next industries to adapt.

What is the Real-Time Economy and
what does it mean for project-based companies?

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