Project Business Automation for Construction Management

Complete Project Governance – Real-Time Insight – Instant Collaboration

Project Business Automation reinvents construction management. It integrates all essential construction project business functions into one system, with real-time intelligence and integrated workflows that give you unprecedented control over your business.

Project Business Automation Decision Guide

What size is your company?

Project Business Automation from ADEACA is not for everyone. The challenges and relevant solutions differ based on the size of your company. Please select the size of your company based on number of employees below.

Less than 100 Employees

You’ve outgrown your current systems and need something that can grow with you. Cost efficiency is paramount with something that is simple to configure and easy to implement.

Between 100-500 Employees

Current systems aren’t enabling you to take the company to the next level. Process standardization and governance within a multi-regional environment are key.

Enterprise, More Than 500 Employees

A regional or global company with several divisions or subsidiaries, you need enterprise-level systems and support across multiple geographies, currencies and IT platforms. For more than 10k employees, please speak with our enterprise team.