Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & defense (A&D) decision makers can’t manage market volatility, globalization and shrinking budgets—not with outdated, often wrong insights from generic ERP and disparate project and BI systems. Only with project-driven ERP from ADEACA do all those insights come together in real-time, offering control of the entire business, including the scope, cost and schedule of A&D projects.


To become more agile and stay competitive, aerospace and defense (A&D) firms are required to manage costs, meet stringent, constantly changing compliance requirements, improve processes and streamline operations.

The A&D industry is constantly changing and that means that companies need the right tools and services to manage these changes and set themselves apart from the competition. In addition, A&D firms must have the right resources in place, enhance aerospace program management practices, manage customer relationships and standardize critical information across the enterprise.

To deliver projects on time and within budget, A&D companies need aerospace and defense industry software that delivers real-time insight and the flexibility to achieve their business goals. The key to successful aerospace project management is to implement an integrated aerospace and defense ERP system. Deploying such a solution enables companies to gather project data quickly so they can make critical information available to numerous people in multiple locations for a variety of uses.

By implementing a project-driven aerospace and defense business solution like that offered by ADEACA ONE, enterprises gain real-time insight into performance data and they can eliminate inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection. With embedded project management functionality, ADEACA ONE enables A&D companies to handle the complete quote to cash cycle.


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