Unified Project Solution

First lean project solution. Project financials, operations and ERP unified into one enterprise solution.
Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Become Lean with a Unified Project Solution

Bring project financials and operations to the center of your ERP to reduce waste and drive productivity.

Systematize proven processes so every part of your organization is aligned
 Address your entire project-based business, not just one of the silos
 Instantly understand the state of your business with real-time intelligence

What We Built

Here is how we created a breakthrough solution:

1. Replicated stand-alone project applications within Dynamics 365
We brought typically separated project applications (project management, project financials) and put them inside a Tier-1 ERP.

2. Invented new end-to-end business processes
With everything in one place, we could create new processes that weren’t possible before that connected the entire enterprise.

3. Developed automated workflows
We eliminated manual processes to speed up workflow exponentially.

4. Created intelligence for all stakeholders
A unified data structure enables the real-time monitoring of all aspects of your projects and portfolio, so you always know where your company stands.

What You Get

  • Cut out Waste
  • Reduce Risk
  • Ensure Compliance

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Scale and Extensibility

As an ADEACA ONE customer, you reap the benefits of a tried and tested system from one of the most trusted brands on the planet, while at the same time gaining an advanced solution tailor-made for your project-based business.

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