Unified Project Solution

First lean project solution. Project financials, operations and ERP unified into one enterprise solution.
Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Fulfilling ERP's Promise for Project Companies

The World's First Unified Project Solution

We want to create a solution for project-drivent companies that allows them to operate in real-time, like every other industry. To do that we had unify project operations and financials into one system. No easy feat!

To create this real-time, enterprise system for project-based comapnies, we first had to invent project processes that consider both operational and financial aspects with the capability to deliver accurate real-time workflows. Our unerring passion is analyzing, optimizing and reengineering the processes of projects.

Project ERP
The result of our reengineering journey over the last ten years is ADEACA ONE built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

  • ADEACA ONE systematizes these proven processes so every part of your organization is aligned and information is both reliable and timely.
  • ADEACA ONE addresses your entire project-based business, not just a part of it. With ADEACA ONE, the functions of financial ERP and operational project management (OPM) are not separate processes that need to be integrated. They are simply different aspects of the same system, working together in concert.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Scale and Extensibility

As an ADEACA ONE customer, you reap the benefits of a tried and tested system from one of the most trusted brands on the planet, while at the same time gaining an advanced solution tailor-made for your project-based business.

Read What Analysts are Saying

"Any project-based organization struggling to bring complex projects and portfolios under control should take a serious look at ADEACA ONE. The solution is one of the few that will help the organization fully integrate operational and financial processes into a single advanced ERP system."

Read the full report here: TEC analyst ERP report

Project Management and ERP in One

ADEACA ONE expertly addresses all major project management functions fluidly within your ERP. Discover the difference below.
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