Transforming Project Industries

Our mission at ADEACA is to lead and help transform project industries. Bring them into the modern world and on par with all other industries.

Reinventing the ERP for Project Industries

ADEACA provides a new and unique alternative to generic ERP-systems, for enterprises that organize their business activities in projects.

Stemming from its founder, ADEACA leads the way for innovative, project-driven companies. With roots in the original Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, ADEACA has pushed the envelope from its inception to challenge the ERP industry’s boundaries and create value in a market that traditionally has been largely ignored.

Project-based companies should not be left behind. ADEACA knows their challenges, that they require different processes and different insights that traditional ERPs cannot deliver. ADEACA is the vanguard that these companies can look to for a solution.

ADEACA’s team encompasses substantial experience in creating and delivering ERP solutions, with relevant knowledge from Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle.

President & Founder - Daniel Bévort

Daniel founded ADEACA in 2007 to address the needs of project-driven organizations who were lacking a holistic solution for project and financial management. As one of the principal architects behind Microsoft Dynamics AX, Daniel was in a unique position to recognize the best way to fulfill this need was inside the ERP. ADEACA was born.

Prior to founding ADEACA, Daniel was a principal architect and product director of Axapta at Damgaard Data, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2002 and later became Dynamics AX and now called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations. His experience at Damgaard equipped him with the skills to create user-centric software, an art form not practiced by the large, generic ERP companies.

Daniel began to recognize the need for a solution designed specifically for project-driven organizations as a consultant for PWC, even before his days at Damgaard. After Damgaard was acquired by Microsoft, Daniel gained even more experience as a consultant with Avanade and as a CTO and Partner at Next Innovation. Still seeing the need from project-oriented businesses in the market, Daniel started ADEACA to bring them a solution. Given his experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365, it only made sense to utilize it as the platform for ADEACA’s product.

Daniel has assembled a team of highly regarded professionals with extensive experience in ERP solution development and delivery. Along with Daniel, ADEACA’s leaders bring industry knowledge from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle and Infor to bear for ADEACA’s clients.

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