Together with Microsoft, ADEACA designs and delivers Project Business Automation:
a transformational, end-to-end business system for the project-driven enterprise.


ADEACA is a Microsoft industry partner, focused on Project Business Automation and developing new business processes and systems for project-driven companies around the world.

ADEACA is Microsoft’s go-to partner for project-driven industries, fulfilling Microsoft’s mission to digitally transform businesses by reinventing productivity and business processes for these companies through Project Business Automation. Representing Microsoft in project-centric industries, we reconstruct and refine Microsoft’s products and services to empower and enable businesses to operate in real time.

Our solution, ADEACA ONE is the first Project Business Automation system of its kind. It addresses the end-to-end business needs for project-driven companies, whether those projects are build onsite, produce in-house or are services based.

Project Industries We Serve - It's Not About Labels, It's About How You Run Your Projects

We segment project companies and industries into three different categories to highlight the similar business challenges you face: Build Onsite, Produce In-house or Provide Knowledge Services. 

The Power of an Ecosystem

When you become an ADEACA customer, you also become a Microsoft customer, with the full support of the global Microsoft ecosystem. Together with Microsoft and our global network of service providers, we represent a team of hundreds of thousands to bring you this solution and ensure your success.

ADEACA is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner with an ERP competency. Given the nature of the Microsoft ecosystem, we can deliver and support our solution anywhere around the globe. That is the unique benefit of working with Microsoft – you get robust infrastructure and support well beyond what you can find with any one vendor.

The ADEACA Difference

In 2007, ADEACA set out to fulfill the promise of ERP for project-based companies, truly providing one solution for all their business needs - a Project Business Automation system.

With deep longstanding roots in Microsoft software architecture and development, we chose to build our solution on the Microsoft platform because it provided a tier-1 system to rival any enterprise ERP and a built-in ecosystem that supported our efforts and our customers from the very beginning.

Our differentiating value lies in our ability to study the problems of project-driven companies and create novel solutions to solve them. Our purpose is to provide the best Project Business Automation solution on the market and utilize the entire Microsoft ecosystem to support our customers.

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