Enterprises organizing their business activities in projects are different from those who don’t. Together with Microsoft we design and deliver ERP-systems for CxO's of project-driven enterprises.


Some of the world’s most prominent project-driven enterprises have turned to us to obtain better visibility into their project-portfolio and thereby establish the foundation for timely decision making. Enterprises like Northrop Grumman, KPMG and APi Group.

Our customers are located in more than 20 countries representing $150B+ revenue.

Though spread across different industries they all share the same premise - they organize their business activities in projects and need fundamentally different information to manage and optimize their business, than what they are able to retrieve from a generic ERP-system.

ADEACA was established as a recognition of the poor support generic ERP-systems offer project-driven enterprises.

Based on our experience creating and delivering generic ERP-systems from vendors like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, we set out in 2007 to build a fundamentally different ERP-system. A system dedicated providing CxO's of project-driven enterprises the insight they need to make timely decisions for their project portfolio.

Our solution ADEACA ONE is built on the renowned platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 because it is simple to learn and use, its ability to support global enterprises and its interaction with business and productivity applications. Plus it works on-premises and in the cloud.

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