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"Any project-based organization struggling to bring complex projects and portfolios under control should take a serious look at Advanced Projects. The solution is one of the few that will help the organization fully integrate operational and financial processes into a single advanced ERP system."

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The solution has been certified by Microsoft and Lionbridge, and adheres to the industry's most stringent technical standards. You can read more about the certification program here.



Extending ERP to Project-Driven Companies™

The world is shrinking, and your competitors are no longer just in the next town. They’re also continents away and they are aggressively going after your business here at home. To win in a global economy, it is not enough to build a great product. You must also do so cost effectively and still make a profit. This is survival of the fittest, and for your business to grow, you have to be the best of the best.

Problem is, your information systems have not kept pace. With several projects underway at once, it has become much harder to track your progress, recognize when delivery risk is no longer manageable, or spot future cost trends that threaten your profitability. Poorly managed resources and budgets can turn what appeared to be profitable projects into a string of unfulfilled client expectations, cost overruns, and cancelled contracts.

Advanced Projects® for PME will help you with:

  • Standardized framework to unify project driven business operations
  • Enhanced visibility into global operations for more consistent results
  • Optimize manpower and equipment and increase utilization
  • Facilitate collaboration across organizations and with vendors and suppliers
  • Create consistency in your project quoting processes
  • Accurately predict budget variance and financial performance of your complete project portfolio

Why choose Advanced Projects® for PME?

Most commercial project solutions live outside of the central ERP system and offer only minimal integration, a competitive disadvantage to any project-driven company. Business success is heavily dependent upon clear visibility into delivery operations, and that lack of real-time integration can mean the difference between business success and crushing failure. Advanced Projects® for PME is natively embedded within Dynamics AX with zero-latency integration from budgets to actual costs to inventories to bid rates. Executives that need real-time insight into global operations require the most modern and integrated operations management platform on the market. We call this integrated approach Enterprise Project ERP™.

Advanced Projects® for PME - Solutions and Capabilities:

Advanced Projects® for PME industries get it's capabilities from a set of Adeaca project solutons, and together with Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a complete Enterprise Project ERP solution that delivers best in class capabilities.

Advanced Projects® - Financials

The Advanced Projects® Financials solution substantially enhances the budget planning and financial management capabilities of Dynamics AX for project-driven companies through improved planning & estimation, budget and change management, and financial performance reporting.

  • Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS)
  • Estimation tools
  • Delivery projection
  • Cash-flow management
  • Pipeline management
  • Rolling wave planning
  • Budget contingency
  • Cost to complete / Estimate at completion
  • Cost to complete change control
  • Cost, revenue and variance analysis
    Project deliverables and productivity analysis
  • Time-phasing of cost to complete estimates
  • Budget period control & trend analysis
  • Project hierarchy costing

Advanced Projects® - Operations

The Advanced Projects® Operations solution enables Companies to substantially reduce delivery risk on complex customer-facing contracts through more accurate planning of scarce resources and improved visibility into the status of global delivery operations.

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Milestone and deadline management
  • Finite and infinite capacity constraints
  • Soft and hard capacity allocations
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Gantt chart
  • Embedded projects and project links
  • Simulation and prioritized batch scheduling
  • Skill and availability based resource selection
  • Resource calendar and capacity management
  • Gateway review
  • Issue management
  • Timesheet management
  • Project workflow
  • Invoice notification
  • Material constraint management

Advanced Projects® - Analytics™

The Advanced Projects® Analytics solution helps senior operations executives manage risk across business regions and portfolios through the innovative application of technology to provide real-time visibility into deteriorating portfolio risk profiles and to quickly identify the source of those risks.

  • Senior management project dashboard
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Project Breakdown Structures
  • Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)
  • Earned Value Analytics
  • Sensor point analysis 

Advanced Projects® - Subcontracting

Some situations call for enhanced capabilities to manage a fluid scope of work where more substantial subcontractor oversight required. The Advanced Projects® Subcontracting solution helps project-driven companies to better manage subcontracts with seamless integration between the accounting data in AX and the delivery operations in the field.

  • Subcontract tender (RFQ)
  • Compliance and submittals
  • Change management
  • Request for payment
  • Transfer subcontract details to project budgets

Advanced Projects® - Enterprise Resourcing

The Advanced Projects® Enterprise Resourcing soolution enables a family of companies with overlapping departmental resource skills to efficiently leverage those resources through a managed sharing capability across departments and legal entities

  • Project resourcing and resource dispatch board
  • Resource departments
  • Inter-department & inter-company loan rules
  • Loan requests and loan change requests
  • Skill and availability based resource selection accross departments and companies
  • Inter-company workflow
  • Inter-company Issue tracking
  • Inter-company time and remaining work reporting

Product Images

Project WBS and Gantt(tm)

Project and Portfolio Performance

Project Resoucing

Capacity Management

Project Cash Flow Management

Project Breakdown Structure

Project Time Lines

Project Capacity (resource) load

Project Sensor Points™