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"Any project-based organization struggling to bring complex projects and portfolios under control should take a serious look at Adeaca. The solution is one of the few that will help the organization fully integrate operational and financial processes into a single advanced ERP system."

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Industrial Equipment and Machinery Industries

The world is shrinking. New markets are opening to you every day, but your competition is ready to jump as well. To remain competitive you need to quickly bring your solutions to market while improving productivity across your supply chain. Unfortunately this often means that engineering is still designing as the machine is being built. Ensuring the right resources and materials are available at the right time and place, across all of your projects, is key to your ongoing success. Adeaca's Enteprice Project ERP solution is specially designed to help you overcome these challenges and promote an efficient and results driven organization.

Has managing your portfolio of configured or made to order products become a project in itself?

We hear you. Accounting for every detail of a project from design through manufacturing remains a huge challenge, particularly as projects become more complex. Poorly managed resources and budgets can turn what appeared to be profitable projects into a string of unfulfilled client expectations, cost overruns, and less than anticipated profit margin on the books. Delivering a complete and effective solution to your clients is the key to your business and if it isn’t delivered effectively, your profitability suffers. Not to mention the impact to your ability to sell post-delivery services and build a referral client base.

You need a way to ensure your engineering resources aren’t caught up in the sales process, manufacturing has complete specs before production, and a delay in one project isn’t going to affect your entire pipeline. Rather than just another project accounting system you are looking for a fully integrated project management solution to allow more time managing and less time administering your projects. Building ontop of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform this core business solution will improve operational efficiency, reduce technology costs and increase your successful delivery rate as well as your bottom line.

Adeaca's Enteprice Project ERP solution will help you:

  • Effectively evaluate the profitability of projects in the sales phase and maintain that profitability through planning, design, and manufacturing
  • Gain visibility to your project pipeline and weigh different options for resource allocation before you start
  • Quickly respond to scope changes or customer demands, and see how those changes impact your other projects
  • Ensure equipment and resources are utilized effectively across a portfolio of projects, when you need them
  • Improve post-delivery service opportunities by delivering your product on time and within budget more often
  • Provide a clear real time view of your progress against orders across your complete project portfolio
  • Enable close collaboration between your resources and supply chain, no matter where in the world they are based
  • Improve the quality of your results and compliance with industry and governmental regulations

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